Playtech Casino Keno

Keno games are generally a very straightforward affair, but Playtech offers an assortment of keno games online that make things more interesting. Each game lets the player mark from 2 to 10 spots on the ticket. The maximum payout is reached with 10 hits and 10 numbers marked and totals 10,000X.


Keno is the simplest of Playtech's online keno games. In this game, players can use the same card up to five times in a row, but they must manually select their numbers each time they set up a new card. When the player is satisfied with their card, they simply click the Play button to see the results. Playing this version provides simple, hassle-free online keno games. For more versions of the gameplay keno CasinoAds

Keno Xperiment

The draw of Keno Xperiment is the random pick feature. This will randomly select your numbers. You can set the feature to pick numbers for a single card or for five different cards in succession. The sound and visual effects of Keno Xperiment feature a futuristic theme gaming style, but the real appeal here is the ability to skip over picking your own numbers.

Fortune Keno

Fortune keno is the same as traditional keno with the addition of entertaining visual effects. The number selections shoot forth from a fortune teller's ball with great fanfare. If you're looking for creating Internet Gaming animation and enticing graphics to brighten up your keno game, Fortune Keno fits the ticket.

Keno gains much of its appeal by offering a decorative environment and entertaining background for gameplay. Since the method of play is so simple, these extras bring a lot to the game. Though you might not find such flashy options with free keno Online Casino games, it may be worth putting some money on the table to add a little pizzazz to your keno options.