The Nit

With so many different people playing poker, it is no surprise that there are many different styles of play. Each players style is different from everyone else's but they fall into certain archetypes that encompass certain types of play. One type of player is called the nit. Being a nit is not usually a positive thing when referenced as a style of play because it does not really work for many people. A nit is a player on Online Casinowho is extremely tight and plays a very select number of hands. This player only plays the best hands and plays very cautiously when he is playing. Because he is extremely cautious even when playing the best hands on pocket pairs, the nit does not usually rake big pots. If the nit raises though or makes a big move, it is safe to assume he has the winning hand otherwise he would not be playing Internet Gaming. The nit gets the most respect for having a hand of any archetype.